EVs, or Electric Vehicles, are 100% powered by electricity instead of petrol or diesel and more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles because they don’t emit polluting exhaust while in operation. The electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries that power the electric motors directly. One of its greatest benefits is that it can utilize its maximum torque from launch resulting in superior acceleration. And placing the battery underneath the floor makes the vehicle’s center of gravity to be extremely low and therefore benefits stability while cornering and the cabin is whisper quiet.
EVs have 3 primary components working in unison: the battery (E-Battery), the electronic control system (E-Control) and the electric motor (E-Drive). From the source of electrical power, the batteries, the car is propelled forward by the electric motors while the electronic control system manages the overall operations. The operation of our EVs are also extremely straightforward that makes maintenance easier.
MG has also improved the electric motor with a technology that helps reduce heat from electric motors in a Hairpin Design, thereby helping the motor run at maximum efficiency. Drivers will be able to immediately tell the difference as there is no acceleration delay for electric motors like there is in conventional internal combustion engines. Our electronic control system has met the highest safety standard in the world with certification from ASIL-D and ISO26262.

The three factors – comfort, safety and performance have been continuously improving since cars were mass manufactured in the early 20th century. But due to the changing in the mindset of oil crisis which made the petrol and diesel prices to be skyrocket in 1973, manufacturers and engineers around the world scrambled to find a solution and the Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles were born. These vehicles were powered with a hybrid mix of petrol or diesel and electricity.
MG developed a 100% electricity powered Electric Vehicle (EV) as a better solution of climate change. These zero-emission, eco-friendly vehicles save more in fuel costs compared to any other comparable technology. MG vehicles are equipped with high-performance batteries that provide up to 337 kilometers* in driving range while taking less time to charge.
Another key driving force for the MG ZS EV is the lithium battery which becomes smaller and more powerful, giving EVs increased range. As the battery density increases, the power and energy storage has also increased and offer the drivers an incredible range of 337 kilometers*** on one charge. Batteries can now also be charged at any time, even if it isn’t fully depleted. MG has also innovated Intelligent Battery Temperature Control Management System, a system that helps batteries run at maximum efficiency in every environment. In addition, MG’s electric batteries also meet the strictest safety standards, with UL2580 certification. This is the US’s most tightest battery safety test that requires batteries to successfully pass the 8 following criteria: short-circuiting, dust-proofing, battery compression, resistance to corrosion from salt water, immersion in water, combustion, collision and shock. MG’s batteries have also successfully passed the IP67 battery test. The battery is submerged in water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes, and when brought up, the battery continues to work normally.