Truly Electric

Electric technology assisted driving.

Ni-Co Lithium Manganese Battery

We are aiming to commit to a higher lifecycle, more power and getting basics like stability and safety right with the help of Ni-Co Lithium Manganese Battery.

Charging woes, no more

Our batteries can be charged anywhere – at home, at charging stations. And like your smartphone, it can be charged faster when you are short on time.10- 80% in 30 minutes.

Electric but not cumbersome

Our batteries are designed to be light-weight and compact. They utilize fiber-reinforced plastic as the outer-covering for a compact design.

Safe and protected

This battery has waterproof protection and also high voltage shock protection systems.

Plug-in hybrid technology

Our EDU intelligent electric driving system is using hybrid engine sets to conserve maximum energy.

Super Power at core

The engine comes with the 1.5L VTI-tech gasoline engine, Integrated Starter and Generator, and Traction motor so that it can provide a power packed driving system with an ability to select the source of power automatically, enabling it to consume less fuel and yet, enable a powerful driving experience.

Modes for your needs

Our vehicles are mode enabled – E, N and M that stands for economic, regular and mountain mode.

World’s best BMS battery system

Stability, safety, water resistance all comes packed in the ternary lithium ion high-energy battery utilized in our cars.

Fuel cell technology

World’s best and high endurance. No pollution, more environmental friendly.

Dual power, double the performance

Our vehicles operate on two levels – battery as well as a hydrogen based fuel cell system. You can start your car at lower temperatures, the likes of -20 degree Celsius with better performance of mileage up to 430km & speed at 160km/h.


Our battery systems are protected against leakages and meet the highest standard ]UL2580. Further, all the parts are at protection level of IP67.

R&D is a continuous strive

Our R&D became the world’s Leading Fuel Cell Technology and have won many awards to our name including the third of Automotive Fuel Cell Group in Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2011, and ranked the first in 2014 and we are continuing to make better in future.