MG News And Activities

You can learn more about MG’s activities year by year and stay tuned for next new activities.

Eco-Friendly Deal MG EV Summer Sales

Eco Friendly Deal by MG Myanmar which is the Biggest chance to own Brand New MG EV with Cashback 30 Lakhs and other grand prices including iPhone 15 l...

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MG Valentine Game Challenge - MG Gold Couple Ring Winner

1st Runner Up winner of the MG Valentine Game Challenge was awarded with MG Gold Couple Rings at MG Showroom Sayarsan which was held on Feb 14. The MG...

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MG Valentine Event

On MG Valentine Day Event which will be held on February 14, 2024 at Myanmar Plaza Promotion Area, there will be chances of winning huge prizes such a...

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Your Luck Awaits - Up to 150 Lakhs Lucky Draw

As the last special opportunity of 2023, Brand New MG EV cars are being sold in Limited Stock. A special chance to win cash prizes up to 150 Lakhs in ...

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Myanmar Automobile Networking Dinner

A memorable video recording of MG Myanmar’s participation in the “Myanmar Automobile Networking Dinner” held at the Minister’s Office in Yango...

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MG Privilege Lounge Grand Opening Ceremony

Myanmar’s very First “MG Privilege Lounge” which was launched in the purpose of giving Premium Customer Service for MG Family, MG Owners MG Priv...

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MG EV In Stock Purchasing Chances

MG 4 EV and MG ZS EV which are popular among car lovers due to the full responsibility and sales of high-performance, will be sold in stock starting f...

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MG Family ChaungThar Trip

On October 22, 2023, the Exploring MG EV Experience Chaung Tha trip was successfully accomplished, where all the MG Families gathered for the first ti...

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MG EV Gathering Trip

On September 23, 2023, MG EV Owner Gathering Trip where MG EVs took a day trip to Shwe Pyi Resort with EV Ko Si Thu Aung (STA Vlog) as a special guest...

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MG Care Service Everywhere, Anytime

An MG EV Family from Myitkyina in Kachin State needed MG Aftersales services, so our MG CARE Service Team who attended many official training sessions...

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Miles of Smiles

A program in which MG Myanmar’s expert Service Technicians will explain the points to be properly maintained regarding MG EV cars and MG EV Families...

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150th MG EV Family Welcoming Ceremony

To celebrate the 150th customer, we organized a surprise gift of Celebration Wine & Cake and welcomed the new member of the MG Family, U Nay Hein...

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Wait & Own MG

Without requiring to pay Deposit Fees and Booking Fees, a limited number of MG EV Brand New Cars will be sold with a guaranteed car purchase system th...

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10,000 km Milestone

A premium exclusive gift set worth 20 Lakhs will be given to the first person from the MG family who has achieved the driven kilometers of 10,000. The...

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100% Buy Back Warranty

When purchasing MG Brand New EV cars, in addition to strict Warranty and Aftersales Service, we are offering 100% Buy Back Guarantee Service that acce...

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MG EV Family Gathering Event

The memorable MG Family Gathering Event held on June 17th, 2023 for EV Knowledge Sharing in order for our new MG EV Owners to understand well about ne...

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MG Myanmar EV Shanghai Training

Honorable memory of MG Myanmar’s expert technicians officials visiting and learning practical instruction at SAIC Motor Training Center (SAITC) as a...

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HP System with MAB

The right to buy modern high-end EV cars sold by MG Myanmar with just a 30% down payment! To own MG EVs with the HP system, you can connect with MAB B...

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MG Family Review (MG ZST)

On April 3, the MG 4 Electric Car Launching event was held successfully and crowdedly, and car lovers came to watch the electric cars with great inter...

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Pre-Thingyan with MG to celebrate

Remembrance of pictures captured about customers participating Pre-Thingyan Event “ဆင်နွှဲပျော်ရန် MG တို့သ...

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