MG will be your Second Family which bond together for life even though we may be from different regions.

Myanmar’s very First “MG Privilege Lounge”

Myanmar’s very First “MG Privilege Lounge” which was launched in the purpose of giving Premium Customer Service for MG Family, MG Owners

MG Privilege Lounge was successfully and grandly launched on December 15, 2023 together with famous celebrities and our precious MG Families. It was opened with the intention of making MG Families feel the luxury vibe and VIP feeling where the MG Family can relax while shopping.

Merry Christmas with MG EV

Merry Christmas with MG EV!
In the peaceful and happy Christmas time of December, with the atmosphere of Christmas, desirable Christmas decoration layouts in MG EV Flagship Showrooms, car lovers who come to see and learn more about the Brand New MG EV cars with interest and take a test drive at will. Happy Christmas to you all.

MG 4 Electric User Review

Our Newest MG EV Family as well as Famous Social Influencer Mr. Si Thu Aung's honest review about why he has chosen MG 4 EV and which facts push him to purchase MG Brand.

Welcoming New MG EV Families

We deliver not only the car but also our service. Warmly welcome our new MG EV Family Members.

MG Family Gathering Event (EV Knowledge Sharing)

The memorable MG Family Gathering Event for EV Knowledge Sharing in order for our new MG EV Owners to understand well about new technology, facts about battery lifespan and how to maintain it along with fun activities and question and answer session for better relation between MG Family and MG.

MG ZS EV Test Drive Interview

We did ask some questions to our EV enthusiastic customers about how they feel after doing MG ZS EV test drive and what do they think of EV for the future usage. Learn more at MG Myanmar's Official Youtube Channel -

MG Family's Feedback in MG Family Club Community Group

Ko Sithu Aung - "Please allow me to ask a question. How much does it cost for Engine Oil change service and which type of engine oil do you usually use? Can I also get this service from another supplier, and if I don't change engine oil in showroom, will my warranty become unavailable? How about air con filter and other spare parts for MG ZS?
I really love this car. It has nice interior and driving pleasure so that it can be assumed as a high quality one compared with others."

Naing Zaw Kotar - "The showroom will provide you with complete service."

Phyo Min Tun - "Most of the parts can be purchased from Showroom. You can ask for detail information about other services to MG Service. They are well-trained and good to commute."

Grace Ong Awng - " Both Showroom and Service Centre are greater than others."

Ko Pyae - " MG is currently under Shanghai but when we check by plugging the car, it is showing that MG is in the same group with UK car brands."

MG & MG Family CSR Activity "Save our Planet with MG"

The "Save Our Planet with MG" CSR Community Activities, which aimed to make the environment greener and maintain an active and united community among MG Families, ended successfully and happily on 9th July, 2022. Trees planting, donating alms to the monks and sharing the necessary food with the children, MG Families took part in the whole day enjoyed the happiness and created happy memories. Such good memories are very precious to us from MG Myanmar.

In the future, we, MG, promise to be able to actively work together with MG Families to do socially beneficial activities.

MG 5 Review By U Zin Aung Myint & U Wanna Shein

“Designed to be easy to use with compact design and advanced technology, it is a high-performance luxury car that always encourages friends to buy MG cars” review video by MG 5 Owners, a part of MG Families, U Zin Aung Myint and U Wanna Shein explaining detailing about MG 5’s Luxurious Driving Experiences and Feelings.

Moreover, special thanks for the satisfactory feedback on Aftersales Services provided by MG CARE Team. Car lovers can watch the MG 5 Review Video and we are promising to continue to provide the best services for our esteemed MG Family members in the future as well.

MG ZS Review by Ma Shwe Myat Thin

“ One of the MG Family Members who is currently driving MG Myanmar’s King of SUV - MG ZS “

Ma Shwe Myat Thin, the owner of MG ZS which is the King of SUV and is popular since the launching period due to its valuable performance, will talk about on how she thinks of MG Brand, her satisfaction upon MG Aftersales Services and that the performances of MG ZS is really qualified enough to meet her expectation. You can discover more about MG ZS in this review video.
The complements from our beloved MG Families are the real strength for MG Myanmar to deliver the best services and better activities.

MG HS Review By Ko Wai Yan Min Khant

" I've already decided to buy MG as soon as MG Brand is launched in Myanmar " by our passionate MG Family
Ko Wai Yan Min Khant being a person who has lots of passion for learning about MG cars said that the MG brand was chosen because it is a car that has more meaning than just the existence of a car and when launched in Myanmar, he tested and it was exactly a complete car just as he had expected and so, he chose MG HS. In terms of safety and driving experiences, this review video explains in detail how the MG HS experience, which achieved the world-class Euro NCAP 5 Stars Safety Award and Best Subcompact Crossover award, can be a satisfying experience.

MG RX5 Review by Ko Myat Thu Soe & Ma Khin Hnin Yu

" We bought this MG car because this name seems similar with the way I call my husband "Mg" ".

With the elegant design building, MG RX5 is a breathtaking and stylish SUV which is not only good for city drive, but also suitable and powerful enough for off-road driving like rough trips and mountains. You can discover more about MG RX5 in this Interview video of one of our MG Family Members, the owner of MG RX5, Ko Myat Thu Soe and Ma Khin Hnin Yu, like which kind of latest technologies are used and what kind of powerful performance will this SUV will deliver to the driver.

Customer satisfactions and good feedbacks are the strength and happiness for MG Myanmar and we also promise to deliver the best of the best services to you.

MG ZST Review by MG Family Ko Min Zaw Oo

Meet Ko Zaw Min Oo, one of the family members of MG who bought MG ZS T with the sporty look design and satisfying driving feeling with the fuel saving 1.3 Turbo Engine. Here are the voices for the MG ZS T for car lovers who want to learn more about MG cars. So far, MG Myanmar has been able to stand on its own thanks to the compliments and support we receive from our valued MG Family members. We promise to continue to provide the best services.

Our Beloved MG Family Reviews

The value and image of a brand depends on the user's definition of the brand.

In the same way, for our MG Brand, the most important thing is to be satisfied with the use of MG cars received from our beloved MG Family. This kind of customer trust and support has been a huge help to our MG Myanmar and a source of joy for the future. Even now, we value the MG family members' experience with MG cars. In the video below, you can see what kind of voices there will be in terms of reviews and satisfaction.
We at MG Myanmar would like to thank all the customers who have bought our brand new MG cars with confidence.

MG Family Review (MG HS & MG ZST)

"At the moment, I am driving both ZST and HS, so I will share my practical experience.
I personally went to the MG Showroom and tested MG ZS and rather than saying that MGs are not bad.
Some say that ZS is a little bit slow to start four-speed automatic transmission. My reality is that it's just a matter of time as it is new car.
I'm very satisfied with the speed of the highway. Even with really big fully SUVs like Toyota and Ford, driving on the road is fast and comfortable. Also known as the ZS update generation, a new ZST has just been launched
MG Showroom recently. So, I went to the showroom and did a test drive.
Driving MG ZST was more than happy to say. The showroom has recently launched the market, but the price, the design and transmission are acceptable and it is the turbo engine so that lighter and faster and also consumes less oil.
I think young people will like MG ZST as it is a sport type and interior design is more stylish. 360 3D cameras are also included, making it ideal for parking. In showroom, I did trade in with the previous ZS easily so it is very convenient.

Of all the MG submissions, my favorite, HS is the best guide for any friend who has high spending power. The HS is more than enough of perfection. Luxury interior and exterior design as soon as you get in the car. Advanced functions that are very convenient to use without much hassle. For the safety I consider it to be the best car of MG with perfect rugged performance that every real driver knows.
The car's site is slightly larger than the ZS, making it smarter to drive on the road. It has a big engine and a super sporty mood, as well as a turbo. It is a luxury for the families with full stability. Not just highways, you can also drive well on mountain roads 3 or 4 times. If you dare to drive freely, this is the top car suggested for you.

So if you ask me which one is the best, I will tell you that it depends on what you want to use. Even in the days of depreciated money value, buying an MG is not a loss. I'm currently driving both ZST and HS and I also like the saloon, MG 6. If I had a chance to purchase, I would definitely buy MG6.

I am very comfortable and pleased with the showroom and their services. Do not believe what I am saying now. If you look at the showroom for yourself, you will know why I like it. "No matter what, MG, I thank you for always taking care of me every time I inspect my car."

MG Family Review (MG ZST)

The most obvious thing for the members of Upper Myanmar was that whether MG ZS could drive on the mountain road or not. In fact, the members found out that the MG ZS can be used on mountain roads.

For this reason, the MG ZST can be asked the same question, so I decided to drive the New MG ZST up and down the mountain for the former MG ZS Members who are more interested in driving performance than Fuel Consumption and the New Family Member in Upper Myanmar.

🚘 Test Drive Location - Yankin Hill, Mandalay
🚘 Test Drive Distance (estimation) - 1) Yankin Hill (2.2 km), 2) Mandalay Hill (5 km)
🚘Test Drive Vehicle - New MG ZST
🚘 Number of people in the vehicle : 4

Driving regulations
The weight on the vehicle was kept in balance.
Drive Mode (D) / Sport Mode (S) / Manual was changed depending on road conditions.
Downhill Speed ​​Regulation (DSR) was applied to the Hill Descent Control (HDC) at specified distances of 8-35 km on the slopes.
Be aware that the DSR or HDC will not work if it is not within the specified range of 8-35 kg.
DSR to HDC Decreasing vehicle speed may vary depending on muddy and other slippery road conditions.

New MG Family Member

Congratulations to Our Valuable MG Family Nang Khan Phoung

We would love to say thank you and share this memorable photo of our beloved MG Family Ma Nang Kham Phoung for purchasing Brand New MG 6 which is an Icon of the British with full trust and satisfaction.

We wish you to be happy, healthy and every journey of your life to be successful together with Brand New MG car.

MG Family Review (MG ZS)

I was thinking of sharing about MG ZS Consumption for a long time and was thinking of sharing about it after all of the political and economical issues were over. But due to many requests of MG ZS Users in MG Family Club, I decided to share based on my experience.
I, myself, already tried Consumption Tests of Commercial cars and my passengers’ cars. When I do a test drive, there are some dos and don’ts to get a better result.
Before going on a trip,
- I checked my car with understanding Technicians from MG Service Center and fixed the requirements.
- All tires were checked for air pressure.
- The population of the vehicle and their luggage were kept in balance.
- At the starting point, petrol was fully filled.
- At the end of the trip, the tank was fully refueled.
- I have reset the Trip Meter at the starting point.
From the toll gate exit, the cruise control was set at 100 km. (Depending on the road and traffic, I have to turn it off 3 to 4 times.) Locations to pause for a moment are -
- 115 miles (15 minutes)
- 201 miles (20 minutes)
- 285 miles (45 minutes)
The total distance traveled was 635 km (394.57 miles) from the Max petrol station on Bahan Saya San Road to the 74th Denko petrol station on Mandalay and the fuel consumption was 39241 liters (8.63 gallons).
- 16 km (9.97 miles) per liter of fuel
- 72.95 km (45.3 miles) per gallon of fuel
The above result depends on the driving style, Stopping time and luggage, there may be slight differences depending on traffic and road temperature. In the city, depending on the driver, it can get about 8-12 km per liter.