We keep the idea of MG heritage in heart with full innovation in technology. We want to deliver the best of best not only to our MG families across the world, but also to the environment we live in. You can take a look at our innovation scroll down here.

BMS System

What is BMS?

BMS (Battery Management System) is an Electronic Control Unit just like in ICE Cars. This system works as a control unit which maintains the stored energy not to be wasted, for the High Voltage Current to be safely performed and ensuring the best performance while driving.

How BMS Works?

The detailed functions of BMS are to collect all the information about Battery cells’ temperature and discharge rates which are located inside the High Voltage Battery and Safety Data from High Vo

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MG 4 Ultra Thin One-Pack Battery Design

MG4 Electric adopts the all new “One-Pack” battery design. A new structure employing a horizontal cell design to achieve an industry-leading 110mm ultra-thin power battery this reduces battery volume and widens the cabin space in the vehicle.

The horizontal cell design combined with the “Cell-To-Pack” concept generates ultra-high levels of energy density. The novel zero thermal runaway technology and an innovative cell adaptive pressure control system both ensure excellent battery safety

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MG ZS EV 8-Layer Hairpin PMS Motor


  • New 8-Layer Hair-pin PMS motor
  • Max Power – 115 kW (69.9 kWh)
  • Max Torque – 280 Nm


  • Top speed is increased to 175 km/h
  • Max power is increased by 40%
  • Consumption is decreased to 17.3 kWh/ 100 km


  • Perfectly balanced between power and efficiency
  • More economical, Longer EV range

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MG Pilot

The MG Pilot system is equipped with multiple cameras and high perception radars to constantly monitor the surrounding environment and proactively support the driver in handling multi-dimensional driving situations, making driving safer and easier.

    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Traffic Jam Assistance
    • Front Collision Warning
    • Automatic Emergency Braking
    • Intelligent Headlamp Control
    • Speed Assist System
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Lane Keep Assist
    • Blind Spot Detection
    • Lane Change Assist
    • Rear Cross Traffic

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KERS (Regenerative Braking System)

When in KERS mode and uses the brake, the car decelerates by recharging the electric energy produced by the motor into the battery. The Regenerative Braking System used in EV cars is that when the brake pedal is applied and the car’s speed is reduced, the car’s motor turns into a generator, and the energy flows back into the battery and recharges it. In addition, the life span of Brake Pads and Rotors will be extended and battery energy saving will also extend the travel distance.


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Vehicle to Load (V2L)

MG 4 EV (V2L) – 220 V, 3.3 kW (Max)

MG ZS EV (V2L) – 2.5 kW

What is a vehicle to load charging (V2L)?

Vehicle to load charging is a bidirectional power feature that allows you to use the battery in an electric car to charge or power an electrical appliance. This can be everything from your electric scooters to your television or kettle, just as long as it can be connected to your electric car battery.

How does vehicle to load charging work?

The vehicle to load works by plugging the adapter d

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MG EV Battery Test

Global Certified Quality UL 2580

In the event of a car accident, there is the safety feature to cut off the electric circuit in time, and even in the state of battery crushing, it can be safe and secure. MG EV battery has been awarded with Global Certified Quality UL 2580 by passing the external fire exposure test, in temperature and humidity tests.

Global Certified Quality IP69K

MG EV are also achieving Global Certified Quality IP69K which means these batteries can protect against high temperat

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5 Components of EV Batteries

Trailer Loading

The Battery Packs are made with high density for high battery performance, but use a strong and lightweight casting design to keep it light and compact.

Cooling System Installation

Coolant Hose, Cold Plate and Thermal Pad are included in the Thermal Management System to regulate and reduce the battery temperature that can rise when driving.

Conveyor Line

After the battery modules are transported through warehouses that are automatically controlled and managed and automation robot

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MG ZS EV Driving Modes

p>Coping with all road conditions and all weather conditions and can adjust the driving mode according to the driver’s need. By changing the driving modes according to the driver’s mood, this may improve driving safety on various road conditions and enjoy the driving as preferred.

Eco Mode (Energy Saving)

– Optimizing energy consumption and providing the best results regarding the range of the vehicle.

Normal Mode (Daily Driving)

– Combining economy and performance to meet the dr

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MG 4 EV 5 Driving Mode

MG 4 offers 5 driving modes according to the mood of an individual’s desire for diversified driving experience, allowing the car to cope with different roads and weather conditions and also to further enhance the driving pleasure.

Snow Mode

  • Suitable for driving on slippery roads
  • Defaulting to Level 1 coasting energy regeneration

Eco Mode

  • Energy saving for cost effective driving
  • Keeping drive systems, air conditioning systems, etc.
  • Working in low energy consumption setting

Standard Mode

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MG 4 EV Constructed Technology

MG 4 EV was designed by Mr. Martin Kropp on the exterior and Mr. Oleg Son to the interior who are the Global Chief Designers of MG Advanced Design Center in London, UK.

Under the concept of “Energetic Agility”, MG 4 represents the new pure electric vehicle platform. Some of the several trademarks which emphasis the AeroDynamic Effect of MG 4 are

  • U-Shaped Design Bonnet
  • Active Intake Grille with Vertical Direction
  • A-Pillar-Forward Design
  • Nimble & Flowing Two-Tone Roof
  • Twin-Aero Rear Spo

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MG 4 Five-Link Rear Independent Suspension

MG 4 EV uses a Class Leading 5-Link Independent Rear Suspension which is lightweight, space saving and high performance, enhancing driving smoothness, stability and comfort.

Class Leading 5-Link Independent Rear Suspension

  • It is generally applied to luxury or premium vehicles with the combination of MacPherson front + Five-Link Independent Rear Suspension.
  • Enhances adjustability by maintaining tire grip on uneven roads.
  • By reducing the body bumping and vibrations, driving performance is improve

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MG 4 EV Precise Steering

Dual Pinion EPS (DP-EPS)

The Dual Pinion Electric Power Steering responds directly and in real time, delivering precise steering and providing the MG 4 Electric with better movement and smooth driving experience.

Precise & Stable – More Direct and Quick response for precise steering and a stable driving experience.

Real-Time Response – Electric Power Steering adjusts the steering effort light at low speed and stable at high speed based on real time driving speed.

Steering Modes – Ligh

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MG 4 Flexible Turning

Small Turning Circle

MG 4 has a Class Leading 14.8 ratio for precise steering and Class Leading 10.6m Turning circle.

Sensitive Response & Flexible Steering

The 14.8 ratio provides a more agile and quicker response, and the 10.6m turning circle allows for easy turnarounds in all road conditions, especially on narrow roads.

The smaller the steering ratio, the quicker the steering response and the smaller the turning circle, the better the vehicle’s mobility in narrow roads.

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MG 4 Smooth Cornering

Specialist Dynamic Chassis Tune

MG4 Electric’s chassis balances compliance and rigidity to achieve comfort and good mobility, through systematic and expert tuning, bringing a smooth and stable driving even in extreme road conditions.

Balanced Comfort and Maneuverability

MG4 Electric has undergone extremely careful and specialist testing to precisely tune the steering response, suspension forces, power and torque output. This also includes body rigidity development. All this provides MG4 Electr

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EVs, or Electric Vehicles, are 100% powered by electricity instead of petrol or diesel and more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles because they don’t emit polluting exhaust while in operation. The electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries that power the electric motors directly. One of its greatest benefits is that it can utilize its maximum torque from launch resulting in superior acceleration. And placing the battery underneath the floor makes the vehicle’s center of

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The inspiration of MG comes from a sports car that focuses on Acceleration. Therefore, we carefully selected the “TURBO” engine, one of BRIT DYNAMIC standardized mechanics to stimulate excitement in every ride. The Turbo Charge System is a technology used widely in European supercars to boost engine performances and enhance speed accelerations.
To provide a powerful acceleration in a full controlled speed, high performance and efficient engine is propelled by a complete combustio

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More than just driving with 3 smarts.

Smart Check, Smart Command, Smart Connect

i-SMART system can be upgraded in the future. Detail of i-SMART features may change depending on the service provider. i-SMART intelligent system from MG allows you to connect with your car. This technology has elevated your driving experience, it allows you to monitor your car easily, activates car features as you wish, connects to your lifestyle, and it can upgrade its function. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), t

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1.0 TGI Turbo Charging Gasoline Direct-Injection Engine

High performance which will grant you a better driving experience, lower fuel consumption even at maximum power due to Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) central engine equipped with a fuel system that runs to the optimum.

1.4 TGI Turbo Charging Gasoline Direct-Injection Engine

With modular technology, lighter weight, GDI (Gasoline In-cylinder Direct-Injection) and turbocharging technology, delivering the maximum torque, our engine is fulfill

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Truly Electric

Electric technology assisted driving.

Ni-Co Lithium Manganese Battery

We are aiming to commit to a higher lifecycle, more power and getting basics like stability and safety right with the help of Ni-Co Lithium Manganese Battery.

Charging woes, no more

Our batteries can be charged anywhere – at home, at charging stations. And like your smartphone, it can be charged faster when you are short on time.10- 80% in 30 minutes.

Electric but not cumbersome

Our batteries are designed to

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